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This adorable, quarterly subscription box is delivered straight to your door with ALL of the elements needed to create magical memories with the kids in your life! — We took the stress out of baking, and only left you with the fun part!

As a cake artist and mommy, my kids have grown up baking and decorating with me. Over the years, we have created tons of incredible memories spending time with each other in the kitchen, and I want to share that opportunity with you!

Make DELICIOUS desserts
Create edible masterpieces
Learn time management & kitchen skills
Discover unparalleled creativity & hidden talents
……. but most importantly, ENJOY time spent together.

Give your children the opportunity to unleash their creativity and push their artistic boundaries!

Each box is packed with goodies & includes:
– Dessert Recipe Cards
– Decorating Tutorials
– Specialty Ingredients & Supplies
– And SO much more!

*You will receive an email with each box that is FILLED with extras! Such as: playlists & talking points to use while baking, themed printables, shopping lists, and MORE!*

Give your children the opportunity to unleash their creativity and push their artistic boundaries!

We include specialty tools and ingredients in our boxes.
Most homes already have flour, sugar, and other baking essentials, so we send you the items that you may not already have. We include items like rolling pins, baking pans, custom sprinkle mixes, paper straws, dessert molds, cupcake liners, piping bags/tips, measuring utensils, etc.

Yes, these boxes make INCREDIBLE gifts!

To send a box as a gift, simply click the “Send A Gift” option in the menu bar at the top of your screen. You can also do this by clicking on the “Shop” tab and purchasing the “One-Time Purchase Box”. Be sure to include the correct SHIPPING NAME & ADDRESS for the recipient.

Our boxes are not true “surprise” subscriptions. We want the adults to be able to see the value of our box before signing up or gifting.

We announce the contents of each season’s box, as well as the dessert you will be making before they ship out .

We do think it is much more fun to keep the contents a secret from the kiddos, so don’t show them anything until it arrives!

Recommended for kids ages 3-12 or children at heart who love dessert!

Whether the kids in your life love creating things in the kitchen, watching baking shows, or you want to spend more time with them doing something fun and different, this box is sure to put a smile on EVERYONE’S face!

This box is GREAT for:
– The independent, Food Network obsessed 8 year old!
– Pre-Planned FAMILY TIME
– A Fun Day at Grandma’s
– Mommy & Me Activity
– Easy Treats for School & Family Holiday Parties


This box contains several different activities. Do them all in one day, or spread them out to keep the fun going!

The time that it takes to complete each box varies by dessert and skill level.

Most boxes can be completed in 1-3 hours, however the activities can be spaced out across multiple days if you would like to work in smaller increments for younger children.

Example: Make Buttercream Recipe on Monday, Make Cake Recipe Tuesday, Decorate Dessert on Wednesday

Not at all!
Each and every box will be themed differently, and include new recipes and decorating techniques!
We come up with super creative desserts for every new box. This includes new tools, recipes, and instructions. You will never make cupcakes two times in a row, or get burnt like other repetitive subscriptions.

Shipping within the United States FREE.
If your box is being shipped out of the country, you may be required to pay additional shipping fees.

You will be charged $0 when you sign up for your subscription.
The card on file will be charged the first day of every ship month after your sign-up date:
-March 1st
-June 1st
-September 1st
-December 1st

If you sign up after the billing date, you will recieve the NEXT box.
If you sign up too late and would like to receive the current box, simply place an order for the “One-Time Purchase Box” at the time of checkout. This way, you will receive the current box, and be set up to receive all future boxes.

Subscription Boxes will ship out within two weeks after you are charged.

Our boxes are themed around the holidays & seasons closest to their ship dates.


We would hate to see you go, but all subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. A refund will be given if necessary as long as the subscription is cancelled before the box ships out.
Your subscription can be managed from your portal.

If the current box is in stock,  your gift will ship out immediately. 

If you choose to purchase the upcoming box, it will ship within the first two weeks of the closest month: March, June, September, & December.

Our boxes are themed around the holidays & seasons closest to their original ship dates.


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