Office Supplies
Sprinkle Pen

Simply Tap & Place!
The easiest way to place individual sprinkles! This innovative product sold out in just one day at Cake International 2022. I am SO excited to share my newest invention with you to save valuable time while decorating!


If you need a constant reminder to drink your water, one of our many cups will catch your eye throughout the entire day!


A high-quality, handmade jewelry collection every cake and cookie decorator needs in their life!

Baking Accessories
SAVE with Bundles!

Adorable products make everything better!
When they’re bundled into perfection at a
fraction of the price it doesn’t get
any better than that!

Cake Toppers
Cake Toppers

Our favorite cake toppers are an easy way to add show-stopping detail to any cake!

Rolkem Lumos
Glow in the DARK?!

These neon colors come in Gel and Dust forms for use with virtually all edible mediums! Did I mention they glow in the dark & are FDA Approved?!

Office Supplies
Office Supplies

Nothing brings me joy quite like cute office supplies … okay, maybe it’s tied with cute cake supplies. Keep those creative juices flowing across all aspects of your business!

Welcome to Sweet Elizabeth!

We only sell the things that bring us pure joy, take a look around at all of the products that are sure to make you squeal with excitement! We carry our own line of products as well as some favorites from leading brands from all over the world.

HCB Packaging

I designed the BEST packaging for your Hot Cocoa Bombs! Every PET box comes with an insert to keep bombs stabilized.


Adorable apparel to run around town or wear while making your next viral video. Don’t worry, we got you covered …


Everything from totes to tumblers, watch bands and phone cases, office supplies, shoes, flags, fanny packs & more!

Baking Tools & Supplies

Shop one of our favorites, our Piping Bag Tip Clips keep your bags from spilling & your workspace adorable!

Owned by Cake Artist Holly Broussard

Holly loves to push the boundaries of cake by designing thrilling cakes that wow the crowd!

3 x TV Champion

I’ve competed on 3 nationally televised competitions and brought home the win every time! Check them out when you get a chance ๐Ÿ™‚

Cake Wars, Freakshow Cakes, Hershey’s Chocolate Meltdown

Edible Paint & Glitter

We only carry the best of the best when it comes to our shop, which is why Sweet Sticks is at the top of our list! Edible Art Paint is the best paint around. Check out the Sweet Sticks line of lustre, paint powder, glitter, palettes, brushes and so much more!

Tools & Molds

The only brand of molds I use when dealing with chocolate. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to paint chocolate into silicone molds to get hollow shells! Try out the three piece molds from BWB, you won’t be disappointed!

Specialty Coloring

I love carrying the Rolkem line because they are the only glow-in-the-dark line of truly EDIBLE gels and powders around – take your creations to the next level with some truly incredible effects! Simply paint them on or mix them into almost any medium!

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