Sprinkle Placement Pen



Placing individual sprinkles takes FOREVER! There are tools on the market like tweezers and grabbers, but they send your little sugary morsels flying all over your kitchen and dent your perfectly smooth surfaces!

That’s why I invented this Sprinkle Pen!

>>> Simply tap your sprinkle, tap your surface and just like that the sprinkle is right where you want it! Get into a nice rhythm and make those trendy sprinkle designs in no time!

This is a food safe product that makes placing individual sprinkles faster than ever before 🙂

Works with:
– Sprinkles
– Dragees
– Small Candies
– and MORE!

*It also works really well for beads and other non-edible applications if you’re not into the world of sugar!

Each Sprinkle Pen comes with its own case and is fully loaded so you never run out of tackiness. If you do, we sell refills for that 😉

Please gently heat the pen to ease extrusion, I use a blow dryer to get it started but any gentle heat will work. 🙂


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

Pink, White

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