Sprinkle Pen


Placing sprinkles takes FOREVER! Tweezers and grabbers send your sprinkles flying and dent your smooth surfaces. The Sprinkle Pen is a GAME CHANGER!



But, why a Sprinkle Pen?
Let’s be honest, placing individual sprinkles takes FOREVER!
There are tools on the market like tweezers, pickers and grabbers, but they send your little sugary morsels flying all over your kitchen and dent your perfectly smooth surfaces!

I invented the Sweet Elizabeth Sprinkle Pen to make our lives as cake and cookie decorators easier! This food safe product makes placing individual sprinkles faster than ever before.

Each Sprinkle Pen comes with a storage box and is fully loaded. The food safe material will not dry out or lose tackiness.

>>> Simply tap your sprinkle, tap your surface and just like that the sprinkle is exactly where you want it. <<<
Get into a nice rhythm and make those trendy sprinkle placement designs in no time!

Works With:
– Sprinkles
– Nonpareils
– Dragees/Rods
– Chocolate Decorations
– Hard Candies & Gumballs
– Royal Icing Decorations & Transfers
– SET Fondant and Modeling Chocolate Details
Рand so much MORE!

How to Use:
Remove your Sprinkle Pen from its storage container. Before the first use, you will need to rotate the plunger several times until you see the food safe material begin to extrude (see instructions below).  The extruded material will become your reusable tip. Keep your Sprinkle Pen in its storage case in between uses to preserve the longevity of the tip. You will eventually need to pinch off the tip and rotate the plunger again to extrude more food safe material if your original tip becomes dirty or too mis-shapen to continue using.

Instructions for First Use:
Gently heat the tip and base of the Sprinkle Pen for a moment to ease extrusion. I use a heat gun to get it started but any gentle heat will work (hair dryer, hot water, etc.).  As soon as you see the food safe material working its way through the inside of the silver tip, wait a moment to let the built up pressure subside. Alternate slow twists with heat until the material peeks out of the tip, then stop again to let the pressure subside. Once you have a bit extruded out of the end, you can trim and manipulate the material to your desired shape.
Let the pen come back to room temperature and you are ready to go!
*If you twist too quickly and too many times, the built up pressure will cause more material to extrude than you want. If this happens, you can place the extruded material back in the pen to reuse.*

More Information:
*The Sprinkle Pen also works really well for beads and other non-edible applications if you’re not in the world of sugar!*



The best decorating tool for precisely applying individual components to all desserts big and small!


The material inside of the pen does not come into contact with any allergens during production, it also falls under the following categories: FDA Approved, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Halal, GMO Free, Palm Free

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

Pink, White

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