Sweet Elizabeth now offers fun baking products and a Subscription Box for kids!

Holly Sigur Broussard, 28, a specialty cake designer and mom, is the founder and owner of Sweet Elizabeth Cake Designs in Prairieville, Louisiana. Sweet Elizabeth was formed as a result of Holly’s love for art and baking. As a child, Broussard loved to spend time in the kitchen however it was baking that captivated her attention. Holly’s love for art and her growing family encouraged her to pursue her passion and live out her dream of becoming a cake designer.

Sweet Elizabeth Cake Designs was formed shortly after her first daughter was born, which has given her the drive to succeed in this competitive industry. Holly’s work has been published in several magazines as well as online platforms. She has won several awards as well as Food Network’s “Cake Wars” and Food Channel’s “Freakshow Cakes”.

Sweet Elizabeth has designed the first Subscription Box of its kind where Holly hopes to share her love of baking and art with everyone!
“As a cake artist and mommy, my kids have grown up baking and decorating with me. Over the years, we have created tons of incredible memories spending time with each other in the kitchen, and I want to share that opportunity with all of you!”

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